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Server Censorship 2


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since sm xenex closed it before i finshed expressing my thoughts, and reading responses from you guys, this starts again.

old topic -


They are Testing a new admin tool, that will kick people for certain things and yes cursing CAN get anoying and is not good for new people to come online and the first thign they get is , player :F*** you!! And kids yes kids do play this game people under the age of 18 ,even know this game is for +18still we dont want to give them more cursing then they are already getting.But since you'r not mature enough not to curse for atleast 10 minutes you deserve it, and dont you EVER think about posting a topic and talking this way about the developers again.

And STFU does is cursing since it means shut the F*** up

welll...........lets start with the obvious...stfu is NOT cursing, its an ancronym. it means......well you know. but stfu, is just s t f u. i go well beyond 10 minutes without cursing, i did it excessively in that post to vent a bit of frustration.

But besides cursing, youve taken out most of the insults all together. hell, just as a test i typed "im a moron", and the thing kicked me. why are you taking cursing and insults out of the game? this is the only online game that i personally have played, that does this. ever. i know some smartass will say "Well, blah blah, these games do too". i dont care, im talking about my own experiences.

Your trying to take a game based around killing ppl, selling drugs, owning a frickin porn studio, jacking cars, etc etc, and make it family friendly. it just doesnt work. save your time and energy, instead of implementing some censorship tool that will only restrict what we can say and piss people off in the process, focus more on the netcode and things that MATTER. this, among other things, is icing on the cake after you got a solid gameplay system, stable netcode, and god knows what else, in order. if you've run out of ideas for features to implement, i got a whoollllleeee list :D

and this wasnt on it.

btw, my sincerest apologies to the developers for my earlier outburst, particularly the calling of assholes. teh outburst itself i express my apologies for, not the actual dismay at your institution of a censorship system. thats just fascist.

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i agree with some of what he is saying.

the mta team itself has been a victim of censorship


although i respect you right to disallow certain offensive language, (according to what i've heard, it is pretty overly strict.) i do believe that it is merely part of the game. i don't see this in many other multiplayer games, and i hope to hell that i never will.

btw: STFU is an acronym, people use it rather than saying the whole sentence partly not to swear, but still express their point (the person should shut up) now lets count how many times we see the acronym RTFM in the forum and irc

EDIT: yeah, i was one of the people who said it in the forum)

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The only problem I've got with that tool so far is the CAPS LOCK WARNING! IT SEEMS THAT IF YOU SAY EVEN 1 WORD IN CAPS YOU CAN GET KICKED!!!

I realise it works on percentages of CAPS compared to lowercase. but shouldn't it be over a particular amount of time rather than one sentence?

I had to laugh earlier today when someone went: "AHAHAH" and got kicked. :lol: they weren't being dicks either. In fact it was the first thing this person said since it got onto that server!!! 8)

as for the swearing... Leave F*ck in the game. as it's in the Oxford dictionary and commonly used on news broadcasts. Aswell as 'Bitch' as I might want to talk about breeding dogs etc. But, as for that racist and 'f.a.g.' (Bloody word filters!) shit 'n' carry on... kickem all you want... :evil:

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A lot of kids do use the servers and I am sure some of them are the worst offenders but I like the new admin tools to some extent so the discussion stays somewhat civilized. Some of the things I have said in there are not fit for print, :lol:

It keeps people moving in and out so you can always get in a server. It is funny how I can't say moron but i can say c*nt or fuck in. People will find other ways to express themselves like STFU so it won't matter. It was making me laugh last night. I was in there with Ponch.

Someone jacked a gang tag and someone in the gang said. GET RID OF THAT TAG. and he was booted. He had to punch his screen :lol::lol::lol:

next time he should say GET RID OF THAT TAG jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. more spam still caps, is that better or worse?

As you can see I am all over the place, I guess I don't know if I am for it or against it

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haha @ getting kicked for faggio. That never occured to me

Ok firstly its an INSULT kick not a swearing kick, there are three things making some players mta experiences miserable (im not going to mention bugs, its beta, bugs come with the territory) and they are Cheats, those that cry CHEAT! every time they get killed, and the few who seem to take enormous pleasure from sh1t talking, personally insulting other players, many dont even go ingame, they sit in client doing so. This is not acceptable. There is absolutely no need for this behaviour and it is easily stopped, hence we are doing so in those servers that are official and represent the MTA team in the same way as the website, mod and forums do.

As for concentrating on 'more important things' your argument falls down here, as the tool that is doing the monitoring is not being developed by a member of the mta team, rather by a skilled mta fan who wished to contribute in some way, working with suggestions and requests and testing from myself.

To suggest that we are not making any effort to improve the mod itself is patently rediculous.

Finally, if you do not like the stance the official servers are taking then simply play on another server. Nobody is forcing you to use the officials, nobody is forcing you to play the mod come to that.

If you go to a pub and its got a no smoking rule, do you

a] Moan and bitch at the landlord and tell him to donate to cancer research instead.

b] smoke outside, or go to another pub

I know which option I, and most others, would choose.

*Go's outside and lights one up*

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nd the few who seem to take enormous pleasure from sh1t talking, personally insulting other players, many dont even go ingame, they sit in client doing so. This is not acceptable.

I got a question. Could you not wright a srcipt for that adim bot that detects if they are sh*t talking in just the cleint. I mean that the mta cleint can tell if there in client or in game (I think). Could that adim bot do that?

of course this is a quick fix to make some poeple happy but it kinda has work arounds so I'm just asking if it could?

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*cough* *cough*

Sorry someone is smoking at the door to this thread.

I am not going to critize someone who is doing something good just because it isn't perfect and I appreciate that at least the official servers might be a haven from foul mouths *cough* like me*cough* and from cheaters. If they didn't do anything about these things the same people might still complain.

I know that this is a politically correct game but by playing that you shouldn't be exposed to every type of personal attack someone can think of.

(I pray that there is not any transcripts of my transgretions)

I have been called every racial slur against blacks, asians and a few other things. How could anyone know my ethnicity!!!!

I have decided that Insultbot = good, thanks

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Are the rules to this utility hardcoded or is there a ruleset that it follows?

If so, and if I bother taking a look at the server a bit, I think I may create something along the lines of this, unless the original tool opens up/is open... having an extremely open, configurable rule setup, for custom rules and tweaks, would probably be better than something that says "Caps allowed? NO", as evidently coding errors (looking at lines like LOL and being booted)

I believe a private message function should be added, maybe with nick autocomplete ;), which would make WARNINGS very feasable before actually KICKING. Not everyone wants to be warned at once, for instance...

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This "utility" will be unnecessary once the "/ignore" function is available and

there is a rigorous limit on acceptable username characters (so you dont' have

to guess which high-bit characters are in the offending persons name).

How about just a-z A-Z 0-9 .--=!@#$%^&*(){}[];/?<>,~

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i don't reeally see the need for a caps kick. i've never really seen caps abused, and if it is, it's not so annoying to warrant an instant kick. having people kicked for typing 1 word caps is really annoying, especially because there is no way of keeping your score after a disconnect ( having it save your score for a minute after disconnecting would help a lot for crashes)

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