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Guest [w*V] XGOD

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So far we have 5 active members.

[w*V] XGOD

[w*V] RyanO

[w*V] Nicad

We welcome

[w*V] towlii

[w*V] Dowza

we preety much only have rule NO MODS OR HACKS.

oh yea by the way [w*V] incase ur wondering stands for Wacking Vegitiables. Don't ask where this came from we were very drunk.

Any way yea if your are interested in joing email me Xgod at xgod@gil.com.au and i will get back to your preety fast. Then we will organise to see you play, and then you will find out if you can join. unless ur a fool you will preety much be able to join.

Cheers all, look forward to hearing from you all.


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