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MTA:VC 2.2 <-> Radeon all-in-wonder 9700 problem

Guest hellcat_444

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Has anyone noticed a problem with running the MTA 2.x servers on the ATI-Radeon all-in-wonder 9700 series boards? I know one sounds unrelated to the other, but i have about 5 systems.. 3 of them geforce systems, two of them all-in-wonder 9700 systems.. now.. i can join a server, no problem, i can get in choose my character, blah blah..

the problem comes in is when i actually try to get into the car.. now i know the FAQ says that your home key is your way to get into the car as a passenger.. but on the systems with the ATI boards in them.. it seems both primary and secondary 'vehicle entry' functions act as a secondary.. resulting in a pertty sucky gaming experiance on my uber-fast PC's.

Just to run a simple test.. i ejected a Geforce3MX board out of one of my systems, and placed the ATI all-in-wonder 9700 in there.. loaded the catalyst drivers, blam.. it won't let me enter as the driver.. put the Geforce card back loaded the latest detonator driver. then it lets me in the driver seat.. pertty screwed up huh?

now i've noticed that it dosen't do this on all ATI cards.. like my Compaq Evo 1000v.. I can play MTA:VC on it fine.. and it has a radeon 7500 board inside..

anyhow i'm just wondering if someone else had a similar experiance with this brand of card...


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I have the ATI All in Wonder 9700 PRO, using drivers I downloaded in September... not sure which version (i'm not at my computer right now).

I have no problems whatsoever riding as passenger... maybe try different versions of the drivers and see if that helps.

I'll get you my exact version drivers if you want...

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Did you have the GeForce3 card installed when you first installed Vice City? If you did, you might want to try deleting gta-vc.set, located in My Documents\GTA User Files\

I had a friend who installed Vice City using older drivers or another video card or something. After he deleted gta-vc.set, his Vice City video card settings were reset, and he was able to play.

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Nevermind on the video card.. I think i found the problem..

All of my systems which had the ATI 9700 cards in them also had these Saitek X45 joysticks in them due to another multiplayer game I play with people.. after unplugging them and starting MTA.. it worked beautifully.. i even got my intro-video's back.. the danm joystick must've been just holding down the 'home' key..

thanks for everyones help!

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