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Official One on One Event.


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I will be holding a One on One event this coming weekend at around 10pm GMT

The rules are as follows:

Knockout competition.

Three bouts, best of three go's through to next round.

Each contestant to select a career, you may only use the weapons that come with that career, no pickups.

No vehicles may be used in the arena

Contestants must stay in the arena, if you leave it you lose the round.

Spectators may perch on surrounding buildings to watch the match but may not enter the arena. There will be time to transport people via helicopter to good spectator positions.

If a contestant times out or crashes and does not return within five minutes they forfeit all rounds.

I will announce the arena once the competition begins.

Please post your name if you wish to enter. A random table will be created once all entrants are recieved.

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Hmm that would cause difficulties. Id planned to host at the weekend for thats when most people are available to play, no school no work etc. It can be held on friday, sunday or monday if thats more convenient for the people who are involved in the league matches.

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well i imagine this is gonna take a bit of time to get thru, so if you could get everyone whos playing in the league before 9pm perhaps, (some will be ok as they dont play till 11) get their matches over first , they will b away for about an hour and a half, which shud be ok to continue the tournament. just a thought.

ohh and if you have future plans to host them tell me and ill clear the weekend's fixtures so we can all come n have a blast without worrying bout switching servers. 8)

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could we do this next saturday???, it would not work for me if you did it to much earlier then the matches :? if you held to this saturday. but either way,

you know you can count me to be in it, id feel awful if i wasnt :twisted::P


i forgot to ask, are you going to tell us the locations b4 we choose our careers???

do we have to stick with the same class thro all 3 rounds?

if we win, do we respawn so that there isnt an advantage to u in the next round? *ammo loss/weapon pick ups from who died. are we going to respawn, or do we keep those weapons?

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As there are no league matches this weekend due to several gangs pulling out making rescheduling necessary it is the ideal time to host the event.

First rounds will begin at 8pm, please gather on channel #gangwar on irc.multitheftauto.com

Dealer: if you could get in touch well beforehand it would be handy.

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The event was held and went pretty well, some people turned up far too late and didnt know what on earth was going on, ending up wandering and driving into the arena. Some even entered with the words 'so its ffa right?'.

thirteen people took part in all, the odd number made possible by posty dropping out after winning thru to the second rounds (in future if you cannot play till the end do not bother taking part people).

Arena chosen was the Scrapyard.....

First round victories went to Posty, deathb, dealer, wartech, xenex and night. But after postys departure elemnt and 'me' where brought in to play for his place in the second round, elemnt beating me in 2 rounds.

Second round deathb, xenex and elmnt where victorious with some very close fights.

This lead to a points based qualifyer, deathb v xenex. xenex v elemnt and elemnt v deathb.

Deathb v xenex 3 - 0. xenex v elmnt 0 - 2 and elmnt v deathb 1 - 1, at this point xenex could not gain enough points to go forward so we went straight to the final

Final was to be 5 rounds.

Round 1, after a fight where first blood was to elmnt, deathb managed to heal himself and took elmnt out, 1 - 0 to death

Round 2, elmnt again claimed first blood, and this time managed to follow through and kill death, 1 - 1

Round 3, cht closest fight of the match, both players went to red, and managed to heal back to green, then both where yellow for some time until deathb's m60 managed to finish off elmnt 2 - 1

Round 4, the action was far away from where i was perched to spectate, but elmnt died within seconds of the round starting. 3 - 1

Deathb had already won but the last round was played for a final score. Again elmnt died extremely quickly leaving final score a resounding 4 - 1 victory to Deathb

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