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illegal weapons?

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the m60 is a weapon that you can only get by spawning as a mex or killing someone who has one, and the flamethrower is on that map.

if your talking about the minigun that i think ur talking about tho(the one that fires 200 bullets per second) then yes ---someone--- on that server is cheating if it is floating around(it doesnt always mean that the person who has it is cheating, he could have just picked it up)

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yeah, the kill a car in a heart beat minigun, not the m60. And thx. The guy i saw it was named vice, and from his attitude seemed like a person who would do such a thing. In fact i think he might have changed his name to vicebaby to regain access to servers he's been banned from...oh well guess cheating is the skilless mans way out of death eh lol

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