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Noo.Damn problems, plz help

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Hi all.I have a problem with the stunt version of MTA.I installed it and if i try to run it it says "a problem accured while trying to connect"

I tryed to search a server wit ASE but i couldn't download ASE(it said i couldn't connect to the ASE server)then i tried to uninstall VC and reinstall it then uninstall MTA and reinstall it but still the same problem.Can someone help me plz.I really want to play the stunt version.

PS:is it thrue that MTA:VC 0.2.2 has more uhandeld exeptions than 0.2???

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heh... maybe you're just clicking the wrong things.

i am not that dumb :evil:

does anyone knows where to get an install file of ASE that can connect to their server????

Well, how dumb are you :lol:

If you can get on version 0.2.0 but have problems with 0.2.2 then ASE isn't the problem. When I first tried to upgrade I had the same problem. Sorry to say I don't know what I did to fix it. I reinstalled both ASE and MTA. I think refinding the target for MTA and for GTAVC solved it.

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