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CRC Check

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I've been playing mta vc since it was in v.10 and i loved playing it then. You could add as many mods to the game as you wanted as long as everyone used the same mods. I only play it on a lan because my dial-up lags way too bad :cry: But, my point is, when i wanted to play v.2 with my buddies, you couldn't do anything special because you had all of the basic stuff. Granted, the new features are alot better and give it a whole new level of gameplay, but i would still like to be able to mod my mtavc. I know that the main reason for the check is for net users who like to cheat, personally, i think the CRC check is one of the best things they can have for over the net. But, for lan users who want to have more fun with mtavc, the CRC check doesn't allow as much. I would really like it if you made the CRC check an option, maybe even on just the server, to allow LAN users to get the full amount of fun out of mtavc.

For me, if my buddy wants to cheat on our lan, i can just walk across the room and punch him, but i kno on the net, it is important for the check. Please consider adding an option for it in the next release.

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