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OK... FIRST OFF... THEY ADDED THE MONEY... SO I DONT WANT TO SEE ANY1 SAYING "I WANT MONEY!" :lol: im done :) post your ideas for getting more money in deathmatch server... repeat anything u heard from another server.... PPL PLZ DONT JUMP ON OTHER PPL FOR REPEATING... *Repeat at your own risk*

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There is no use for money on DM servers at the moment, it is included in the stunt server as a kind of score, (as kills obviously arent apropriate for that mode), The cash display and the routines to add to it are built into vc so it was the safest thing to use for now, our priority in this patch was to fix the regular UE crashing, so lots of brand new code, like a snazzy points system was left out for now.

Perhaps when we have finished any restructuring, and got the mod into a stable enough form to concentrate fully on subgames/minigames/missions/gamemodes and other features, then we can look at both giving players money and giving them somethign to spend it on.

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alright, i havn't seen this discussed indepth so her goes:

i dont like the idea that on a bike, you do a stunt, and land on your,...ahem, butt, and still get the full amount of money for it.

Would it be difficult to add something that says if you wipe out, you get X amount of money taken away?

it would give insentive for people to land their tricks, instead of just spinning out any which way, crashing, and getting payed big time.

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