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unhandled exception

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I've created 2 gta vc folders. (I copied my original one)

1 is used for single player and multiplayer

the other is used for mods

the single player and multiplayer vc works fine, but the one used for mods says unhandled exception. even though I quit mta, ase and restarted my comp. how can I fix this?!?

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yeah but it says unhandled exception and if this helps.... I got the mod here. http://www.jbandit.net/maps.php

and downloaded the "Mark's fun island"

now can you tell me whats wrong?

Yes, now we can tell you what's wrong... you're asking the wrong people ;) Go to http://www.jbandit.net/maps.php, look for a link to support/help/forums, and ask the coder of that mod... You said yourself, the folder with mta works fine, so why you asking here??

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