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Entering HOT Ring on 0.22 Stunt Server crashes to desktop

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Does anyone else crash to desktop (no error message) when they try to enter the Hot Ring (the stockcar racetrack inside the stadium) when the server is on stunt mode?

I have only tried entering as one person; the guy who spawns at the stadium, but wether I enter in a car or on foot, it always crashes. I threw the server back to normal (deathmatch) mode and it still works fine; I can enter and get the stock cars etc, but when in stunt mode it always crashes.

This just me, or does it happen to anyone else?

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Between release patches will only ever be considered for major problems, such as mta:vc 0.2 crashing ten times an hour. Not being able to enter a few buildings is not major. If you really must enter to admire the wallpaper or whatever then use DM mode :)

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