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Can't see each other when playing lan?

Guest lallous

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Hello i have 2 pcs at home connected through a hub both r running widows xp and one is a p4 the other is p3 we have same version of vc.

I create a game on the p4 pc and allow the other pc to join in everything runs well ,but when we enter the game we can't see each other , both of us chose the mexican guy and couldn't see each other then i tried spawning as a sailor then i tried to meet him at the airport we couldn't see each other. but if we chat we can see each other messages, can anyone plz help cause i can't wait to try this very coooool mod.

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Try NOT running one of the pc in windows 98 compability. in other words: DO NOT USE THE WINDOWS 98 COMPABILITY IN XP.

make sure none of your pc's is using windows 98.

Open port 2003 and port 2126 on your firewall , disable the windows built in firewall , and download zone alarm at http://www.zonealarm.com .

Try running the server in Windows 2000 compability , if that fails , then try running the client on 2000 compability. Download the Vice City 1.1 patch .

If you use an no-cd crack , get an good one. I cant give you the link frankly. Just add xhispage@hotmail.com to MSN if you have it. Try upgrading your routers firewall , if all that fails , just wait till the next version , or just download the multiplayer mod at http://www.gtaworldonline.tk when it commes out. Or try http://www.gtat.tk

P.S. do you have the latest server software installed??? This one is newer then the one you get if you download 0.2:


And the latest server config:


Xanni Wellando

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i had the problem with win 98 on gta3:mta, then i got a new pc which had xp, and i got my hands on Vice city, then get mta for that, and worked fine on a LAN, both woth crossover cable and a router (32 player LANS rock) maybe MTA doesn't like 98, i don't know or mabye i'm just upping my post count......

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