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Quick Question: Radar???

Guest eldiablogt

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I have yet to download this mod, but i was wondering if other players show up on your radar. I think this should be implemented if it has not already been. They could appear as green or red dots just like everything else is in the game. Any comments?

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We still havent determined how to display the locations of other players. This is a tricky problem, which has been discussed over at the old forums, as well as here (somewhere). We were wondering about the dots being on the outer ring of the radar, never leaving that ring. That way, you will know what direction to go, but don't know how far. (like the original GTA 1)

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that seems to be the best way to go with the radar, then it'll still be possible for us to sneak up and put a bat to the back of someones head. although, in capture the flag-type gameplay, radar would detract from the gameplay heavily. is it possible to have different radar styles for different gametypes?

and i know it's been brought up, the ide of those giant blue arrows bouncing over players head, i don't think that would fly very well. maybe if the player is sporting a bazooka, then something like that would be acceptable

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no blue arrows, that would be too gaudy and gay. But, like CS and other games, have it show team mates exact positions during a team based game mode, the approximate location (outer ring thing) in CTW mode, and the exact location during DeathMatch mode. thats how i would do it

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i think the server should have a drop down bow with theese options:

[Exact ]

[Direction ]

[Feild ]

[None ]

Exact: shows precise point of other players in the game

Direction: does the outer rim thing

Feild: shows a big bubble (team color) and the play is somewhere in the bounds of that bubble (well on the radar its actually a ring..)

None: no radar indication what so ever

there are two drop down boxes, one for team, and one for opposition.

so the server can set it up like so:

you can see the precise point of players on your team, but only the direction of enemies.

also: all game modes should come with a default.. for example: in racing every one should see the exact location of their fellow racers.. but in death match that may be less deseriable.

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I'm not sure about "feild" since its not used anywhere in gta3 (preprogrammed) so they'd have to draw that.. maybe they could edit one of the radar "blips" to look like an ovel with an alpha vaule. eveything else, i'm sure they could do. its just a matter if they want to or not.

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