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Is Mta finally Compatible yet

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Windows 98 is quite different and we have to do a manual searching for new addresses and the way it handles memory, which is not a fun experience.

Hmm maybe a stupid question, why should win98 be so different? If you'r right about the memory adresses being different, should gta:vc's memory structure at least not be the same? Then it would be enough to find one new address in win98's gta:vc of a variable, which winxp address already is known...

Then the difference between those two adresses should be the same with all other adresses... or am i missing something? ;)

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We don't really know, that is the problem.

I fired up Win98 the other day (yes, i finally installed it), and tried doing some preliminary memory scanning, and everything seemed completely out of wack.

A few of the addresses were the same, which is good, but then many were quite different. So, it is going to be a hard one to find.

In theory, the memory should be similar, but we all know that the difference between 9x-based OS's and NT-based OS's are very very large.

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but will you be making a win98 version/patch - just so i dont get my hopes up...

from what it sounds like, they dont really know when they are going to be able to make it win 98 compatible :( so i would recomend that u upgrade to winxp sometime soon (if you have the funds that is) but who knows, maybe something will happen and they will get it figured out :P only time will tell

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