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MTA Crashes..

Guest szmal

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Hi guys..

I know, the topic is often publishing on the forums.. but i couldn't get any help.

Well.. I'm from Poland and I have the German version of the Vice City (VC was released 1 Sept in Poland, I couldn't wait :). I get yesterday new connection, 128kbit, so now I can play MTA.. Not really, because I can't connect to lots of server (mainly the English), i can connect to any German server (not really sure, it's a rule, but it doesn't even matter). I had problem with VC, when i started the game and on the game movies pressed any key the game crashes.. Installed the 1.1 path.. Now the problem was fixed.. But another problem is: I got connection, selected player.. I walked 10 sec, get in the car.. And the game crashes.. Not really sure but I think it may be something with the car drivin model, or something.. There's params of system, if necessary

Windows ME, GTA: Vice City, German Version patched to 1.1

Sorry for the problem, if this is my fault.. And even sorry for my English, I haven't learnet this language, I'm just an autodidact :).. But anyway great work guys, cheers !

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Ну, хотя бы понимаешь. : )

I don't know about the german version, but theoretically it shouldn't be a problem. However, it sounds more like a MTA-failure, then language problem. Try reinstalling MTA, see what happenes. Personally, I recommend the VC-version of MTA, becouse it is so much better then the current version of MTA for GTA 3.

Вообще, меня достаёт писать "нашим" людям по-английски... :roll:

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