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It's once again that time of the year when ModDB starts the annual Mod of the Year awards.

Last year MTA did very well and we got the 4th place almost reaching the well deserved place as a Top 1 mod, the last year's great success has motivated us during the whole year and is also a reason why we are going to try even harder this year.

This is where you come in, we would like to ask you to go and vote for MTA to be the next Mod of the Year!

Voting for MTA is very easy and won't take long. It is preferred that you register / login with a ModDB account before voting for us as votes from registered ModDB users have greater impact than anonymous votes. However, every vote counts, no matter if it's registered or anonymous, and thus we wish you would encourage all your friends and family to vote for MTA!



The Phase 1 of the annual Mod of the Year awards has ended today and was a great success for MTA as we have made it to the Top 100 mods of 2011.

Now as the Phase 2, where people will pick the the best mods of 2011 has begun, we would like to ask you once again to go and vote. (Even if you voted in Phase 1)

You can vote for MTA by going to http://mtasa.com/moddb/ and following the simple instructions as shown below.

- The MTA Team.


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It’s been a year already?! – Geez, time flies by!


Whilst MTA has received plenty of recognition over the years, I do believe this mod is consistently underrated which is a shame. Though let’s hope we go one further this year and get a bronze.. or something even better!

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Could the MTA team put more effort in this like add a big banner to the home page and add an pop up when you start MTA that asks if you would like to vote for MTA.

This is only phase 1, where top 100 mods are being chosen. In phase 2 all the users will have to vote again, and that's where we will start the promotion not to cunfuse people, cause we're quite sure we are getting into top 100.

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