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MTA:VC 0.2 Causes PC to reboot...

Guest Wolverine

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Hi there,

I have been using v0.1 without problems on Windows XP Pro. Rather than mess around when it came to trying v0.2 i reinstalled Vice City and then the new MTA.

When i got connected to a server and clicked start game, the computer reboots! Every time without fail.

I have tried many many things, including different .exe's, compatibility mode reinstalling etc. but no go at all. Nobody seems to know about or have experienced this problem, please help :/

P.S. Vice City runs perfectly when launched from it's own exe for single play.


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I tried closing all programs down but no change. I don't receive an error, i just clicked start game... a few secs pass, and (i assume) vice city attempts to read the cdrom... and boom, it reboots.

Like i say, loading the game normally for single play is fine.

My specs are:

Intel P4 2.7Ghz

Asus P4T533-C

512MB PC1066 RDRAM

ATi Radeon 9700 Pro

Creative Audigy Platinum

6 x U2W SCSI 10K Hard Disks and CDRom, DVD, CDRW.

56k Modem

P.S. i tried a cr##k also but this made no difference so i went back to the original exe.

Blah... Windows XP Pro.

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if you are using windows 2000 or xp, go to


advanced tab, startup and recovery. in the middle, uncheck automatically reboot.

now instead of rebooting, you should get a blue screen with some kind of driver name and then you should be able to narrow down to what might be conflicting.

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I just disabled automatic restart, rebooted and then tried MTA again. instead of rebooting i got a pure blue screen, no text... no nuffin. Just a blue screen. Then i had to hit reset.

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I had the SAme pb with vice city :

Pb comes from the drivers for cards ATI

it will seem that driver ATI CATALYST 3.5 make plant MTA during the launching of VICE CITY , drivers CATALYST 3.6 WORK PERFECTLY

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I had this problem too. I thought the install of GTA: Vice I had was clean, but either because I'd changed the folder name or had done a modification I couldn't remember, the "GTA:VC version has been modified" error message came up when I pressed "Start Game" and located the GTAVC.EXE program.

I solved this by doing a completely new install from the CD to the default install directory, uninstalled MTAVC and re-installed it to this totally fresh new Vice install. :)

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Yes i have ran the game normally first before trying MTA... i'll get the CAT 3.6's now and see if they make any difference. Will post back with my results.



Sooo what`s happened...?

I have the same problem, need a clue....

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I got this problem....AND NOBODY HELPS.... :x

I´ve STARTED VC FROM MTA...when i see the CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN IT CRASHES and i have to restart my pc...

And yes, i have restarted VC and changed the gxt´s files. i dont have mods of any tipe and i made me sure the VC directory gots the following archives in




i have made all kind of things and nothig

********************PLEASE HELP******************************


*sorry for my bad english*

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ooh!!! thanx...at last someone helps me oh my god i vant believe it man

really nobody help at servers...they are too bussy playing to answer some questions.....................

A LOT OF THANKS MAN........ill never forget.......(tears of happiness man) :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::D

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The Cat 3.6's did the trick, thanks to everyone who posted... i hope this thread will help others who have this problem ;)



It sure did...I used 3.7 and it works like a dream.


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I have the same problem as topic starter. This is really ***** annoying :evil: it seemed nobody had this problem, but then i found this topic. I tried everything, formatted hard disk and installed gta vc and mta but it didn't work so i knew it had to be a driver problem. So tomorrow i'll try and install other drivers from ati, just as joko.gsc said. I have an ati 9800SE but it has the same drivers as the 9700 anyway.

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