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You think his player models in the game?  

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  1. 1. You think his player models in the game?

    • He in the game?
    • He not in the game?

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i mean he's in the game and he's not in the game for the poll

i dont know for sure if he insactly is "in the game" but right now i have my player model set to be him so my player model is darkel,but its hard geting a skin to fit on it good.ill post a pic later

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Oh no im double posting

I NEED somebody to skin this model ill send you the gta3.txd textures that were with it and the model, i just cant skin it.

please help, it willbe cool to have the acual darkel that was made by rockstar with the txtures that were made by rockstar.

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uhh i know for a fact he is in the game, since he gave me a mission! check out Trx's dodo bomber mod. when you start a new game, darkel pages you telling you to meet him at the momument in bellville park. when you do, there is a cut scene where he give you a mission.

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if memory serves my correctly - darkel was meant to be a relation of D-Ice!

His missions were all rampage-esque and were taken out due to 9/11 and releated crises'. Wether the code for those missions still remains or not i dont know.

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