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MTA VC 0.2 Connection Timed Out

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I wanted to wait till next verison was released, in hopes that it would have been fixed. Since its not I was thinking maybe its on my end. I first downloaded mta vc v0.1 4 months ago when it came out, it worked great for 2 months then I started getting "Disconnected: Connection Timed Out". I tried everything to fix it, reinstalled all seeing eye, reinstalled mtavc (even tried into a different dir), gta vc (different dir) and safe mode. Still could not connect to servers. I know you guys worked hard on your free time without being paid, so I wanted to thank you for those 2 months I enjoyed mta :)

I am running Windows XP SP2.

Oh and all those who have bashed MTA team for bugs, shame on you.

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