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sorry, i was doin other stuff while typing so...

i got the spooky's IMG tool to install some mods (the highway one, the raod pack and the stunt park) but i cant get it to work, i dont know where to put the things.

btw i think i mite have the beta version cuz i got it from kazaa

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He just said, he HAS the IMG tool! That's what he's having the effing problem with! Open your eyes, man! Btw, all those mods have installers. Go to gta3hq.com to get them.

Please. He said that he might have a beta version, since he downloaded it off of KaZaA, which is why we said to go to spooky's site and get it.

And only more recent mods have installers, and the only modding site i've found that actually uses the installers is gta3hq.com, which doesn't have all mods ever made.

Sorry for being a stuck up cocky-as-hell ass, but I've been needing to vent for quite some time :twisted:

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