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let me get this right

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i am just wondering about the front page where it shows mta 3 and mta vc 2 i am asking my self and i wonder if someone could put me right mta vc 1 as just been released ok and now they r making mta vc 2 ok why is mta 3 not been relased yet i dont want to buy gta vc coz i have it on the ps2 but by the looks ov things mta 3 as been scraped and vc is the new consern so i might have to buy a copy please someone enlighten me with help and tell me why mta 3 is no way near completion yet i am moving soon and i hoped to try it b4 then (the realse time was said about mta vc was out )

i am sorry if i seem to nag but it seems that i will have to waste money getting vc and it seems like the mta team have forgot about mta 3



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GTA3:MTA 0.3.5 will be build after MTA:VC 0.2, once we got 0.2 on the fast track we will look if how long it is gonna take to finish 0.3.5. If it can be done in a couple of weeks MTA:VC 0.2 will wait, if not we will release MTA:VC without GTA3:MTA if it is worth waiting we will wait, but GTA3:MTA is coming :idea:

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