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look i have seen 3 more multiplayer mods but 0.3 is stil the best more options to pic of like Capture The Whoopie al the oder mods only have only :"walk eroud whit your frend" and the oder mods have 2 player mod but this mod haz 30!! players and skins to pic of. :)

you guy's are the best :D:D good job


Join Yakuza and we wil pay you wel 8)

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the furst mod is the:

GoE GTA Multiplayer mod http://www.guardians.ch/ggm/

GTA3: keine Multiplayer-Modhttp://multigames.free.fr/

and MTA

here you have screens of 1 other VERSION but i cant find it


http://gta.ag.ru/i/news/screens4.jpg score list :D i hope you have that to.


please copy and past in seach bar.thx

downt click it wond work.

some pic of MTA V0.3 at the site please

now you see there

1. Screenshots of GTA3MTA v.0.2

2. Screenshots of GTA3MTA v.0.1 and 1 more

3. Screenshots of GTA3MTA v.0.3

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Oh not again, multigames.free.fr and you're screenshots at that russian site are 1 and the same and fake (hoax of last yeah as blokker already said). Well, we know ggm.. he has been researching since July 2002 and released it last sunday because MTA was in the news. So we can call ourselves the first multiplayer mod for gta3.

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