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New Gamemode!!


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Can you script? Do you want a challenge? If you say yes, join us at sa-apr.tk and apply for scripter.

We need-

-As many scripters possible

-Pro mapper

-We are trying to make a new gamemode


-Will use cars instead of people

-More information will be given if you apply

-Our race server is [APR]Awesome Possum Racers

If you need, we will supply test server to script and map the stadium.

~You will be given full credit for scripting

~ optional admin rights/head scripter

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real comment:

http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 91&t=26541

more real comments you can find SEARCHING this forum.

everybody only need a scripter.

and making somebody admin for his hard work is NOTHING.

everyone can setup own server within 5minutes.

every scripter can script for himself, or collect a group of scripters

better than joining one kid who can't do nothing and is asking on forums, and don't read stickies..

hell, why am i saying this? it was said 100000 times already ;/

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