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[WIP] Usersystem [ Q: Should I remake? ]

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Here is it:

= Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.0.5 
= Server name      : Zday mod 
= Server IP address:  
= Server port      : 22003 
= Log file         : ..TASA/server/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log 
= Maximum players  : 32 
= MTU packet size  : 1264 
= HTTP port        : 22005 
[2011-06-17 18:52:55] Resources: 221 loaded, 0 failed 
[2011-06-17 18:52:55] Querying game-monitor.com master server... success! 
[2011-06-17 18:52:56] Querying backup master server... success! 
[2011-06-17 18:52:56] MODULE: Loaded "MySQL 5.0 database module" (0.20) by "Alberto Alonso <rydencillo@gmail.com>" 
[2011-06-17 18:52:56] Starting resources................... 
[2011-06-17 18:52:57] Server started and is ready to accept connections! 
[2011-06-17 18:52:57] Type 'help' for a list of commands. 
[2011-06-17 18:54:10] start: Requested by RAFuLL 
[2011-06-17 18:54:10] Some files in 'superweapons' use deprecated functions. 
[2011-06-17 18:54:10] Use the 'upgrade' command to perform a basic upgrade of resources. 
[2011-06-17 18:54:10] Starting superweapons 
[2011-06-17 19:10:56] start: Requested by Console 
[2011-06-17 19:10:56] Starting usersystem 

After this information appears a window like this but it says next: "MTA Server.exe stopped working"


P.S. Sorry for the wrong screen. My native language is different.

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Hello, i'm sorry if i bumping but i need assistance.

I have problems with shop, items won't show in the grid.



http://www.screencast.com/users/GTX_/fo ... aba3ee9cd2


http://www.screencast.com/users/GTX_/fo ... 28356e1005

The code:

-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump 
-- version 3.3.9 
-- [url=http://www.phpmyadmin.net]http://www.phpmyadmin.net[/url] 
-- Host: localhost 
-- Generation Time: Aug 15, 2011 at 11:22  
-- Server version: 5.5.8 
-- PHP Version: 5.3.5 
/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */; 
-- Database: `usersystem` 
-- -------------------------------------------------------- 
-- Table structure for table `store_items` 
  `id` int(255) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, 
  `itemname` varchar(80) NOT NULL, 
  `itemid` int(255) NOT NULL, 
  `itemvalue` int(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
  `catagoryid` int(255) NOT NULL, 
  `type` varchar(255) NOT NULL, 
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`) 
-- Dumping data for table `store_items` 
INSERT INTO `store_items` (`id`, `itemname`, `itemid`, `itemvalue`, `catagoryid`, `type`) VALUES 
(26, 'Shotgun', 25, 100, 0, 'weapon'); 

If someone knows the solution, please tell me.

P.S: I am kind of newbie with MySQL.

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Since im thinking of doing a remake off this plugin, without MySQL but with SQL now I was wondering, how many people would want this system back?

Sincerly I would make it lotsa better offcourse. Gimme a shout and ill give it a go if theres enough people that want it :)

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I have already started work on a version without MySQL, but with SQLLite databases. Sincerly you don't have to install any other programs to run this plugin.

Only thing holding me back is that I wont be writing this plugin for only 2 people, haha.

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If you are ever going to release this, you could try to add some true / false in the meta, so if someone who wants to use it doesnt want some function, he can just disable it on the meta

Yea that could be an option.

For now, I was planning on rewriting it on SQL wich is far more compatible for most people here. As you can see they previously had alot off problems setting up a MySQL server and all that.

I have rewritten a small part now, it works absolutely great but I just need more people that want this plugin back again.

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