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mtasa.com worth $12227.5 USD

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$12227.5 USD is a pretty decent amount actually.

Well it's based on visitors, I ain't saying that anybody will actualy buy mtasa.com for $12228.

Still nice

Google.Com Estimated Worth $2.41 Billion USD


Well Sa-Mp.Com Estimated Worth $69809.9 USD.

It's been there longer and it's probably favorited in search engines, yet it's pretty much.

But sa-mp.com have placed Google Ads on their main page, which is already a step down for freeware sites in my opinion.

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hey, now i can solve my money problems :) Also don't forget multitheftauto.com and mtavc.com, so that's around 25000 dollars. I'm rich :lol:

Also what that site does is guessing. Saudi Arabia is a bit lower in the stats.

oh, and dnscoop actually reports a higher value.

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