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Alternative account system


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It would be nice if there were add scripting function for virtual set ACL rights for player at time of current game.

Something like:

setPlayerAclGroup (player thePlayer, string groupName, bool access)


loginAclGroup( player thePlayer, string groupName )

logoutAclGroup( player thePlayer )

That would be a good alternative use for its own account system.

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With these functions would be much easier, for example, take your "admin" resource. There are commands to administer the server, but to use them need ACL right, could simply get necessary rights and working with any resources.

You can certainly go the difficult way and write your own system for temporary obtaining of rights, constantly adding and removing user accounts and ACL rights, but agree it is not the best solution.

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Better still make a function similar to temporary login with obtaining rights as it is now using /login triggered event onPlayerLogin and leaving onPlayerLogout. When player logout ACL rights should automatically disappear.

For example:

playerLogin( player thePlayer, acl theAcl )

playerLogout( player thePlayer )

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