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Lets settle this OS debate.... Win 98 or XP

Guest Joe

Which operating system do you have on your PC?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Which operating system do you have on your PC?

    • Win XP
    • Win 98
    • Other OS

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There are many posts that discuss problems with Win 98 and using MTAVC.

The developers insist that XP is the main OS used by people playing Vice City.

Please be honest and join the poll to help show exactly which is the most used OS.



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I use ME.

ME is just an updated version of the 98se OS. It's basically a 98se OS that doesn't crash just as often. But it still crashes alot!

In my experience ME is an updated version of 98 that crashes a lot more and is a lot slower. Basically it's just crap, get rid of it.

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I also use 2000, in my opinion its the fastest version of windows, at least it is on my computer, windows me was very fast but would become unstable very quickly, 98se was my os of choice before getting 2000, i think xp is just a bloated 2000, as it is NT 5.1 2000 being NT5

i don't understand why ms can't realise a patch for 2000 allowing the all new themes and ... i'm sure theres something else new

oh yea, to the vote thing, most people i know use win98, then most of the people i know who have new computers use xp because it comes with the computer, not because they want to, and they don't know how to put 98 on from there old computer.

(no one i know uses lindows tho :P, and with mta not workign in 98, i used to have trouble running gta3 in win98 would randomly crash, even with the 1.1 patch, also if u install win98 using 98lite the sound is distorted)

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Rofl, who admits they have ME? Thats the worst. :lol: But serously, xp is better than all the other oses, it boots WAAAY faster than all others, and even though it has no real DOS , who uses dos anymore anyways,unless you got a slow piece of crap pc that can only run duke nukem 3d. :?

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I find it really hard to believe that some people still run windows 98 on their computers. It should be a crime or something :P

and XP does have something new.. better driver support. :) All that other stuff can be turned off anyway.

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People still use 98???


Look at it this way, windows 98. Now, its 2003, 2003 - 1998 = ...... 5! You're using a 5 year old os. Hell, you might as well go buy a black and white tv and spend all day watching re-runs of Starsky and Hutch.

I know retro is in this season, but don't you think thats taking it too far?

Windows 98 remains one of the most unstable, slow, and easily exploited os ever. If you really think things haven't got better in 5 years then you must be reading this in a 133mhz 32mb ram 2mb graphics card with a 1gig hard drive.

Using windows 98 is a insult to whatever processing power you have.

So xp looks like telly tubby land when you install it. It takes 2 mins to turn everything off and make it look just like 98.

Thats enough for now, I'm off to play on my c64, its about as up to date as win98.

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