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catch a clue this mod will never make it out the door. the v2 of the game was a piece of cr*p. evem ggm is better and believe me that is not saying much. The fact they first started this game using VB should tell you something. Maybe if they would open source their work something might be done, but of course their egos would not allow it.

Everyone is in it for the glory not the game. This is why this mod and all other closed mods will never work worth a crap. Everyone wasting time reinventing the wheel. Maybe if the devs grew up a little and instead of grasping for some glory and instead worked on cooperation the game might actually appear

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BTW the last comment was not meant as an insult. I understand that the devs are mostly teens and have not had time to mature yet. I dont hold it against them, we all go through a period of immaturity then we grow up.

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um.... open source usually does work, but there are simple reasons why we don't want mta to go open source, the first is that we dont want it being hacked, second, they devs want to finish this themselves, maybe later, they may consider releasing the source.

As for the coding, future versions are planned to be written in C* (or so ive heard), and 0.3b may be re released, coded in C*

before you jump to conclusions, there are discussions on open source - I dont think you have read them, or listened to what the devs have said regarding it.

Also, there were requests put out for C* coders to help with the mod, guess you missed them as well.

0.2a was a milestone in what is possible with multiplayer gta3. sure ggm is better than 0.2a, but ggm would still be stuck on barna's HDD, if it wernt for the success of mta. <-- sorry if that offends you barna, but that is the story that i heard =)

And glory??? - they are doing this on their own time, not for money or anything, and respect comes with the territory, along with a million "when is it out?" requests.

The whole gta3MP community seem to get along, they may have seperate projects, but they seem to have the same goal.

once again, if you believe you can do a better job, then do so, if not, then keep quiet! If you think another mod is better than this, voice your opinion, but dont slag-off the devs, its not needed.

btw - dont double post, edit ;-)

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I offered to convert your mod to C++, but I guess you guys didn't want that. I'm thinking just releasing an open source version of my own MP mod will be more helpful, anyway.

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*cough* tintin *cough* noob *cough*

bad cough eh,

Now why would someone, whos not done with a mod, release the source, and let 40billion mods come out. releasing source for a mod like this is the dumbest shit ive ever heard. mta is known, its popular, why kill urself by releasing the source. ur just jealous that they found out how to do it and u didnt, and ur bitching and whining, saying 'please give me the source, or ill cry'. Grow up. if u want to make ur own mod, learn the damn shit. they learned it themselves, its THEIR MOD. not yours, they can do watever the hell they want with it. and i encourage them to NEVER release the source code

and u say 'they started with vb'. VB isnt a noob language, vb can do lots of shit, a programs capabilities depends on the programmer, not the language used, learn a bit more of programming before u open ur mouth.

yes they got glory, the glory of making ur ass look like a fool. im proud of mta team. GJ guys

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With all due respect tintin may have been a little blatent with his post yet i think his main idea is right. Anyone who creates a mod is afraid to release it open source just because they don't want it hacked. Isn't it just a hack or mod in the first place??? And what do you refer to when you say hack does that mean when you release it they are gonna hack it so no one will ever be able touse it agian... I don't think so. Yeah with all open source you get individuals who want to hack it but who is to stop them from doing that right now. Realizing that a community of knowledge is better than a group of knowledge. And i am sure along with many others that the majority of people at this point would use the open source to help advance the multiplayer aspect. I understand that you may not want hacks but don't relate it to this for hacks and hacking are inevitable and maybe should just realize what is best for the mod. Trust me MTA you'll get all the credit if that's what your worried about and if that's not what your worried about then maybe you'll see your mod turn into something great and not just a continual string of alpha and beta versions. With speculation i would bet that with the release of the source within just as few weeks problems like synced peds and traffic would be eliminated all those hoped for gamemodes could be implemented and so much more. Yes some may be hacked but look at what your overall product could be...you should realize that hacking will occur no matter what you do.

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It's true, modding GTA3 to be multiplayer is such a difficult and delicate thing to have to do, it wouldn't be that hard to hack. If professional companies can't stop their games from being hacked (like with Counter-Strike, for instance), there's no way a small group of people who are modding a game that is not intended to have multiplayer will. There's just going to have to be an honor system put in play. Either way, there are ways to prevent cheating, but seeing the code released without the cheating prevention code is an obvious thing to do. The fact that there is probably no cheating protection in MTA .3 only reainforces the fact that it should probably be open source.

All in all, I know that it'd be hard to give out code you've worked hard on, and I don't know if I would even want to release it. But with such a difficult task at hand, and a community that isn't too large, it may be a necessary step to take. But one thing is for sure; the more people working on it, the better the outcome will be. Hell, if I had your code, there'd already be a C++ port by now. Not to mention the alienation that you bring onto the community is a large part of the problems seen in this forum. You guys withhold a lot of information from a group of people that are all working towards the same goal, and that's not only counterproductive, but it makes people angry. The forum shutdown proved to be the height of this accumulation of this unease (and further divided the MTA team from the rest of the community).

I know you guys want your time in the spotlight, but the greater man is the one who sacrifices such vein virtues for the greater good of those who share his ideals and interests. Keep that in mind and remember we all want the same thing.

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I think 0.3b will have basic cheating protection. As for open source, in a way i support it, but in another....

I think the fact that there are 2 'competing' mods out there, may be discouraging this a little. Its something to think about after 0.3b's release. Im sure at some stage, the source may be released, i think 01.a's source was released for a short time, for those lucky enough to get it.

As for a c++ port, the team were requesting C* programmers, they may have taken some on. You never know, there may be a call for programmers to code mta 0.3b in C* later on, as i 'think' vogel was keen to get 0.3b re-released in C*.

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ggm and gta3t are both planning to release newer versions of their mods. Though there is no real compeition as such, i can see why the team may be cautious about this.

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hmmm... smells fishy... why should MTA give out the source code when they're progressing quite well and they the ones who actually made it work...

it looks to me that those who are asking to release the code are planning to make their own Multiplayer mod for GTA3 but don't want the hassle of starting from scratch and releasing it as " The ultimate GTA3 multiplayer mod" but when you look at the source code itz pure MTA3...

this is just my humble opinion...

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