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Race gamemode in MTADM


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Hey guys,

In the latest official release of MTADM with the race gamemode implemented, there were problems like some objects (barrells, balls, hay etc) not being moveable or breakable, which would make like 50% of gamemodes unplayable.. the objects would just stay solid and you'd crash into them and stop, has this been fixed? i was looking back at old mta race videos and it was so awesome, remembering the hours spent playing and making maps, it had a pretty good fanbase too. This was what the problem was with the DM adaption, some things just prevented the game being as good, which is why people just reverted back to MTARACE and noone played mtadm race. There were other issues, but i can't remember them its been so long. So i was just wondering what the progress ahs been on this? Have these been fixed at all? cos i would love to play race as well as DM when its released :)


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the two changes i've noticed so far are

-barrels which don't exist for you anymore (already exploded) can trigger another explosion for you when another player still sees them and the explosion occurs for him

-when you "activate"(touch them so they start being dynamic) dynamic objects, then go far away so they stream out, then return they sometimes have weird positions (laying around, half in ground) instead of being back on their "spawn" position, like it was in old race

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