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Lua Scripting help


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I have been starting to learn Lua and I get it a bit. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a roleplay script I am starting to create. If you have ventrilo, we could talk in that. Im just new to Lua and I could use some help.

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Its not really questions that you can explain through IRC, and you dont always get your answers. So if someone would like, Ill give vent info..

I really doubt anybody would want to support over VoiceChat. If you can't phrase your questions, try again. Maybe you can draw some diagrams or stuff. :)

Also, this is the wrong subforum... :P

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@ v0nz: Have you read to the Wiki VERY well? Otherwise do it now, then we don't have to help you. People are lazy from nature you know. :P

If you have read through it well, give us an example of what you want and proof it, by making a small start and post it. We can't give you scripts for free! We can help you to fix yours and to let you GET them free.

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