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Scripting editor with MTA commands?


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No there isn't one, but maybe some day someone will make a plugin for Notepad++ with them. That would be really useful.

Word. I actually thought about Notepad ++ myself, but:

a) I have NO idea how to do it

b) we are talking about a considerable amount of commands here, and it would be too time-consuming and/or boring for one person to do by himself...

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download this file: http://www.pinkboxstudio.com/lua.api

put it in your notepad++/plugins/APIs/ directory.

in notepad++ go into settings->style configurator select lua in the language scroll list, select one of the styles (i use FUNC1) in the style scroll list and copy and past all of the functions in the lua.api file (you can open it in notepad++) into the "user defined keywords" box.

You now have both colour coded MTA functions, and auto complete (by starting to type a function and then pressing ctrl+space).


EDIT: this may be an old list (and is definitely not complete for DP3 functions)

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Thanks a FRICKING lot! Now I won't have to open the wiki for every other function I want to write x)

(If I get it working, that is)

Edit; oh.. no function prototypes.. would that be possible to add? I'd be willing to help.

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That sounds VERY interesting - but many things that sound VERY interesting either turn out crappy, or don't turn out at all... I think this could be a nice tool in the meantime... anybody up for it? As I said, I'll be able to help.

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So you want to program a scripting editor? If you are a programmer it isn't difficult for you to start. I haven't heard of someone making such editor, but I've heard someone is making GUI editor (not an in-game editor).

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Actually, I just figured out that Notepad ++ 5.0 supports custom keyword lists WITH code preview tooltips.. if anybody would like to help me with throwing together a database, that'd be great.

5.0 BETA can be found here, and I'll be checking it out. :)

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