Troubles when exiting vehicle

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I just started scripting with lua, and since my favourite gamemode is ctv, I thought

a good thing to start with would be understanding the script and trying to modify it.

And so I did. My ideas were:

-- Add a scorecounter for the teams

-- Add a message when the car is delivered (relized there was such a message, but the call was screwed up so it never showed up in game)

-- Make the car not just disappear but explode when it gets delivered, so get out of the car and run! :D

-- Remove the /bring command :roll:

And there comes the trouble: Suddenly with this script, sometimes you can't get out of the car.

You press F (or whatever key you use to enter/exit) and the player in car just makes a strange movement with the

hands (like he is steering left/right) and stays in car. Sometimes the radio stops for half a second too. So currently

you end up pressing F all the time until he finally gets out of the car.

I don't see any reason why this suddenly happens, I checked the playerExitVehicle funtion, nothing suspicious there,

the event isn't called if the driver stays in the car.

I also checked the wiki for any function like that, but didn't find one.

Maybe its just that something is screwed up with my server, but I at least know that it happens for

other players too, so its not just my client/game.

Any ideas?

I attached the modified ctv scripts, in case that helps...

Err no, I didn't: "Could not upload attachment to ./files/15278_f66a0276935a100b2697cd1ab2718dbc."

Here it is:

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I have noticed this on my script and server. I think it MIGHT be a MTA bug. Since I haven't touched vehicles at all.

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Hmmm... Is your server running on windows?

My new theory is, that this happens on windows servers only.. Its not just on my modified ctv script, its in everygamemode now that I've checked that.

So it really seems like a bug. Can maybe more people confirm that or say anything about that problem?

Unfortunately I baraly have time for MTA atm because of tests at univ :|

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sounds like u have race mode turned on, try turning it off and see if it works. or if race mode isn't turned on well i don't know the problem

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It has nothing to do with the race gamemode. It happens in every gamemode and it pisses me because i have to tap F like mad so the player finally get's out of the car...

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Ive had the same problem on a lan sever, it was ran on windows XP.

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Racemode thing was my first idea too, but then it doesn't make sense, because you will

eventually get out of the car after tapping F for like 10 times. You can't do that in racemode.

So we got two people with windows servers where that happened... Any linux servers with

the same symptoms here? Or any windows server without? :)

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well i got the same problem but i think it has to do with the gta function where the car breaks if you press f at low speed but sometimes in mta this function doesn't work so i have to break myself or wait till the car stops before i can get out...

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ive had this problem on a linux server

its as if you get out and back in instantly, as it often changes the radio station

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Its an MTA bug that ended up being worse with post-release scripts. Its high on the todo list.

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