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Making GTA SA a normal window size


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Ok..there's something that I need help with, and please bear with me in that I'm somewhat of a noob still..I would like to make GTA SA or SAMP a normal window, like one that doesn't take up the entire screen. What I mean is that instead of San Andreas going full screen, I'd still like to be able to see my task bar and be able to minimize my game like if I get an IM while playing or someone decides to send me an email, I'd like to check it without pressing the Windows key just to get back to my desktop. If someone could give me a script to do this along with an easy way to re-code it like an img tool, I would be extremely grateful, and you would get uber brownie points (yes special brownies, I have my sources)..Not to mention that if you have a server I would readily play on yours. Please if anyone has help on this topic, I would appreciate it, and if you could be specific on what to do (a video would be nice) I'd really like that.



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Ay yo, I told you I'm a bit of a noob, and I know its a Multi Auto forum..I'd still like it for GTA SA.. :D and type 'window' in and then what will happen? does it go back to your desktop wit those options i posted earlier?? Please let me know.

Why don't you try and see?

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