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custom vehicle.....


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hey guys, just checking to see if what i have written down is correct before i test it.....

basically, i want to replace the at400 with a different one in my server.

this is the at400mod.lua

txd = engineLoadTXD("data/at400.txd") 
engineImportTXD(txd, 577) 
dff = engineLoadDFF("data/at400.dff", 587 ) 
engineReplaceModel(dff, 577) 

this is the meta.xml

    <info author="DazzaJay" name="at400mod" version="1" type="script" /> 
    <script src="at400mod.lua" /> 
    <file src="data/at400.dff" /> 
    <file src="data/at400.txd" /> 

Is all that correct for giving out the needed files and changing the at400 out with a modded at400? or am i missing somthing.

id just like to be sure before i test.

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well, i tested it without being sure... and there is somthing wrong with it.

the client PC recived the recource... all 1mb of it....

spawned the plane thru the admin panel... and it was just the standard everyday AT400.

what did i do wrong?

oo.. i think i know... do i have to make the script Client side?

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