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Need Some Help With Server.

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Hi I am new here and i wanna ask if someone can help me with my server :)

Okay this is the problem:

I have 2 routers why?: I have it like this: Router 1 > GamePc And Router 2 router 2 > server pc Lan card 1 And server pc lan card 2

So i need to open the following ports:




And This port For my webhosting: 80

I do it like this:

In router 1 i open: 22003/22126/44003/80 to thats the Ip that go's to the second router

In Router 2 i open: 22003/22126/44003/80 to: and that are the ip's to Lan card 1 and Lan card 2

And Then it doest work.

This are the routers:

Router 1: Sitecom DC-202 Cable/XDSL newest version

Router 2: Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL With 4 port switch model:BEFSR41

So If Anyone Nows Plz help! i need my server and webhosting.

Thx all!

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