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Please...!top kills....help me - FOR MTA 0.5

Guest henry

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I look for everywhere script '!top' which he would show 5 the best players.

I searched whole forum and I did not find, but if found this to MTA SA it which does not act under. I change mta.text to mta.say and nothing.

Please help me :(

Who have !top script like on FMJ or XE server?

and it if this was it been possible was in what "on *:SIGNAL:mta.??:{" to write script like FMJ 'your ping is it is for high' or something like.

This was showed without using of command !ping.

Have someone?

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it wants I to me someone if it can he wrote here this command

and it would have to look so:



2 is SDSDF

3 is DBGGS

4 is FF

5 is DFSD


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It seems you dont understant. I mean do you got own server where you should add this command. If no, there is no way to use remote admin to find top players... And will it be wins based? or deaths...? Gmme more information what you really wanted, so i can make script if possible.

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