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Ok!. I gonna say that gunzmeup911 on a better way :)...

1. You will need Gta 3, Gta Vice City or Gta San Andreas!

PS: You must have buyed version of Gta or the game wont start on Mta...

2, Then download it... click on one of this names :)

Vice city and Gta 3 ---> http://www.gonnaplay.com/fileInfo.php?g=201&f=23

San Andreas ---> http://downloads.game-monitor.com/details.php?file=4


....And remeber San andreas is only race! It is comming a DM version of it SOON!

If you want San andreas ther is a version of it ther you can run and drive!

San andreas run and kill ---> http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/download.php?id=1572 PS: Download client not server! :)

I hope this did help you alot! :)

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Wait, Wait, here's an idea!

Help yourself! :shock:

There's enough tutorials and help threads here that someone who's been struck deaf dumb and blind could set it up. Seeing as you at least have the cognitive functions to create an "Omg halp me plzzzzzzz" thread, I've decided you have the ability to help yourself.

Case Closed :wink:

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help plz! my search butt0n is broketed!

WTF i have never seen sombody have problem whits the search butten!! 0_0! well try this :)search butten

If you have firefox try opera or if you have internet explorer try firefox or opera...!

And what exately are you meaning ?

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