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[MOD] Blokker's USS Enterprise

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I would once again like to celebrate Blokker's supreme work within the MTA community by giving him a space ship to boldly go where the boundaries of vc stop you going any further. BEHOLD; the Blokker USS Enterprise. This vessel is capable of 38MPH and can float on water. It has dual anal vector thrusters that are powered by rheostat technology, and an enterable cockpit (bridge) to shout "ENGAGE" in. It spawns in a plethora of colours and its wingspan measures 13 Tommy's! Pictures.


blokkershipmodeling16ob.th.jpg blokkershipmodeling22za.th.jpg

blokkershipingame1uk6.th.jpg blokkershipingame4er8.th.jpg

Download the Blokker USS Enterprise here:blokkership_1.0.zip

(right click > save ass)

Youtube Video removed :(

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