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[HELP] Problems with Modeling [3DS MAX]

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I have a few problems with exporting the DFF files with the Kam script and the Kam script by Goldfish.

Whenever I want to export my model, ingame does not show any results.

From the screens I show you, you can see that if I export the model with the standard Kam script it works ingame. But the vertex colors are not applyed.

When I export my model with the Kam script from Goldfish, the vertex color remains as I want it, but the model still the same as before(unchanged).




the first 2 screens are the export result from the standart kam script.




The second 2 screens are the result from Goldfish´s kam script export.


02081667124962b7545d341d0fd6709b.png               <--Goldfish Kam script      this are my export settings       standart Kam script    -->                        03fb98ba2f7805cb41d1bc3568e45d8f.png


Hope someone can help me. :D

Thank you in advance.

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For Kam's script, when exporting you need to select VCol and deselect Nor.

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Many thanks for your answer, it worked out fine but the material of the building displayed too brightly ingame


you can see that on the back wall very good.

My goal is to create an interior for the garages while keeping the same vertex color as standard gta sa.

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It might just be a missing vertex color export feature with Kam's script.

You would have to use Goldfish's scripts or The Hero's plugin for exporting lighting correctly

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