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How to disable multiple shaders

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How can i disable the shaders?
The code below doesn't same to work
Very new to this stuff

function triggerWorldEffects(state)
    for i = 1, #texturesimg do
        if not (shader) then 
            local shader = dxCreateShader("worldEffects/shader/shader.fx")
            engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(shader, texturesimg[i][2])
            dxSetShaderValue(shader, "gTexture", dxCreateTexture(texturesimg[i][1]))
      elseif (shader) then
          engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture (shader, texturesimg[i][2])


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On 31/03/2021 at 03:39, Potato_Tomato420 said:

How can i disable the shaders?

What do you mean by shaders? Perhaps multiple textures applied by replacement shader?

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