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[DRF] a.k.a Drifters

Guest Jackhammer

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OK first of all, im new here and second, I'm putting up a new clan. As u see the name of the clan is Drifters.

Ones who will join will belong to best driving clan in MTA.

I'm the leader of this clan, and i would need some help to lead with me. so first who join will be second leader of the clan.

And everyone in clan will choose their car (of course tuned up!) and the dude/lady. (no one will be CJ, or any main character)

Me example:

Car: Elegy

Dude: The barber guy in willowfield

(pics coming)

If u have something to ask, please feel free to talk with me.

I'm waiting for joiners so we can get our area from "Clan Map"

Thank you and welcome to Drifters! 8)

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I would join, but i cant drive :( .

Good luck anyway.

You should show me how you drive. then i can choose can you. :wink:

..and btw. how i get my signature to show here? i uploaded put it wont show?

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click profile (top of screen), profile tab, profile settings, posting, always attach signature (or similar)

or click the 'attach signature' box below the message box when creating a message. ;)

i would take you up on that offer, but i really am a terrible driver, i allways spin off the road, and my pc is too slow, i have every setting on lowest and 640x480 (16-bit) but i still dont get more than 16fps at the start of the race (in a spread out race i can get to 25fps, but in most races i can never get above 20fps no matter what. :(

i am hopeing to upgrade my gpu at some point, but i am just too poor, (im saving for a x1600pro agp)

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Well thank you :wink: now you should see it 8)

Yea if you can get your PC to good shape then we can go to even take a look how you drive. even u dont drive good.

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Yes, its true, i have some personal reason why i cant do it now, I'm sorry but something else came up here. Some one can lock or delete this thread.

Again sorry for guys who wanted to join.. :(

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this happens 9/10 times a new clan is annouced ... :roll:

True... And, like Jackhammer asked before.. ''For needing help, with leading''. Well, I think you should have choose a council first, and before you gonna start a clan, you have to know which possibilities there are. You just have to know sure if someone can host a forum / main site or server.. what would be the best for your clan. (And dont forget the activity too!) And if you're gone for a period of time, but when there still is a active council member, you could give him a chance, working on the clan, although, thats what I think.

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