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The LOD texture flickers

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I've slid this into the Scripting section, hopefully it will receive the help it needs.

Added "LOD" in your title to lead the right people to your thread. ;)

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  • Tut changed the title to The LOD texture flickers
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1 hour ago, Sambrero said:

Because of what could this happen

This happens at the moment/distance that the lowLOD will swap with the default object.

I set the opacity of the lowLOD to 0 and it was visible for a single frame during the swap, so I guess some of it's properties are re-applied at that moment.

But it can also be something entirely different, except for the `moment` it occurs.

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I can visibly see the island split in two pieces as the glitch occurs, and the smaller half doesn't have the bug..
I imagine it's related to high polygon count or the bugged piece is too large, try separating it into smaller pieces or add me on to Discord or Telegram and I'll do it for you, we'll test xD

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6 minutes ago, Simple0x47 said:

Does your building have any kind of LOD texture? Because if not, just forget about the LOD of the island too.

There's a "LOD" because of this and flickers

(If I understand what you wrote correctly =))

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