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Ban Appeal

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First, I'm sorry to appealing again, I tried to evade my ban on a server that I used to ban by changing hardware, and for this I get banned from MTA, and I regret that I will play as a staff on my friend's server, and I demand that my ban be removed
My Serial:4E4906870BDDAC314EC56664ACD67163

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Your previous appeal was at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/127215-you-were-banned-by-mta/

Later on, as you kept re-posting appeals, we sent you a message with this clarificationit's known that your intention was to evade CIT RPG bans, and that since we don't want MTA server owners to deal with someone like that, who is hard to ban (just because they know how to change their serial & are constantly doing it).. we took additional measures against you.

We told you that the appeal was denied and to not re-appeal in the near future. So now, since it's been a couple of months since you got banned, we can give you a last chance and unban you. Let's hope for the best, but if you start these serial changing practises again, you will be permanently banned without ever getting a new chance. Keep that in mind, @Perky

Note: we will only unban serial 4E4906870BDDAC314EC56664ACD67163, as due to the nature of your changing method, you'd still be able to switch to the others. To be clear, no further serials that get added for you will be tolerated (unless it's a different PC and not a serial change) - those are the terms. So now you got your own faith in your hands..

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