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help me, please. I want a position for bind


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define what you mean. You are not very clear. Do you want a bind that tells you your position, or do you want a bind that teleports you to a position ?

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myZone = createColSphere (2490, -1668, 12.5, 25)

function dimensionCheckerEnter(theElement, matchingDimension)
    if matchingDimension then 
  bindKey("H", "down", dxGuiTeleport)
addEventHandler ("onClientColShapeHit", myZone, dimensionCheckerEnter)

function dimensionCheckerLeave(theElement, matchingDimension)
    if matchingDimension then 
  unbindKey("H", "down", dxGuiTeleport)
addEventHandler ("onClientColShapeLeave", myZone, dimensionCheckerLeave)


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