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[English] Advanced Gaming Roleplay [Custom Script]

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We hear you, “another role-play server? Guess it’s an edit again” – but that’s not the case. Advanced Gaming is, back again, getting things ready to provide our loyal players with what we do best: next level scripts with a nice balance between realism and fun in each and every script. With at least 10 years of experience on the MTA platform and countless sleepless nights, we present to you: A role-play script written from scratch!

If you remember us from back in 2015, hi there! If you don’t, no worries. We’ve been here before and life got in the way, we took over a project (SAPD:FR) which required less of our attention and made it possible for us to get a few things straight as a community but also in our personal lives. Now that we're back we're more than ready to finally put full dedication into this project and bring you guys a brand new twist into the MTA:SA Roleplay scene with a brand new script with some never before seen features, so without further ado let's go on with what we have to offer!



Since a role-play gamemode requires constant changes, new features and removal of features... we’re not going to list all of our features (we know, it’s a lot, we all hate reading). To give you a glance of what we got to offer, we would love to invite you to our server and just give it a shot (when it’s released), if you want to know what our deal is, here’s a glance of what we got to offer:

  • Realistic Vehicle System: We've put countless hours into the details of our vehicle system which allowed us to implement numerous hidden features which we will not yet release to the public, they'll sure blow your mind when you find out about all of it. After hours and hours of study and at least 4 years of experience we've made a perfect balance between the game's engine and physics system to carefully recreate real-life vehicle models in-game regarding handlings which includes top speeds, accelerations, realistic fuel tank capacities and consumptions.

  • FPS-friendly UI: We’ve written our very own custom GUI (graphical user interface) system to create windows, labels, images and what not with ease without frying your CPU and GPU.

  • Balanced Economy: Our economy has been built in a way to promote player to player interaction. How so? Simple, you can forget about getting rich by doing the default jobs, if you want to get yourself some more cash then you're simply going to have to join one of many player ran companies or perhaps even go down the dark path and join a gang? That's up to you, we won't tell anyone and especially not the cops!

  • Jobs and companies, how do they work?: Simple, the entire server will be running on companies instead of default jobs. The default jobs have been made useful for new players (deliveries from our very own storage units, a government funded bus or a taxi driver) but the real fun starts with real people, in real companies.

  • Hurr Durr I’m a big guy on another server, can I..: let me stop you right there, we don’t care about your previous progress on other servers, your entire track list of bans and offenses. Everyone is fair and square as a new player on our server, no advantages and no labels.

  • Items and products: From snacks to meals, from coca-cola cans to glasses of wine, property keys to theory certificates. We've got it all built in with effect, if any. Users are able to purchase some items, other items have to be earned. You'll get a theory certificate after completing your theory for a driving license, a receipt after purchasing something or an empty can after drinking your coca cola.

  • Illegal activities / gameplay: It’s a tough scene, you want to start your own gang or clap your neighbors, we get it. Since the illegal role-play defines or breaks a server, we’re taking close care of the scene with constant monitoring with a team of people. Guns will be distributed passively, drugs will be taken care of (and tested before distribution…).

  • In the trash(bin)! Attention to detail in every script, want to get rid of the annoying receipt you recieved from the store and don't even need it? Simply throw it into one of the many trash bins present around town and let the garbage collectors take care of your junk for you!

  • Police & Criminals: Tired of officers having super cars, heavy duty weapons like AR-15 or server owner-run departments? So are we, which we why we've given the department normal vehicles with fitting handlings which decreases their advantage, increases the experience of both roleplaying as well as the thrill of being a criminal or officer. They're forced to think tactically and plan their actions, their equipment is distributed on a monitored basis to only the higher ranks in the department where we see fit. Giving the illegal roleplay scene space to grow and feel alive

  • And much more!: You want more? We got more! Two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6... oh, you meant features? We have a tight schedule of daily bugfixes, weekly updates and weekly announcements regarding progress. Want to see what we're made of? Check us out.. when we've launched! (sorry, I know..)



Note: This is still Work in Progress, final product may look different!

DMV System






Trash Bin System









Vehicle Plate System - more info here.




















Where to find us?

Since we’re still getting things ready, you’re more than welcome to join us on our discord server. We’re working on the forums, lots of script changes and making sure that you’re getting something new and fun, rather than just another edit.

Server IP: Coming soon!
Website: Coming soon!
Forums: Coming soon!
Discord: https://discord.gg/2z8YNCefBZ
Launch Date: Coming soon!

Note: This thread was written using the Dark Theme, if you spot any issues on the default theme please let us know!

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Hi there, everyone! We've been working hard on yet another update, since you're all stoked to hear about it, here goes:

Finished rewriting the Express Courier (trucker) job

For everyone that have played before, you will probably be happy about this. The job was way too complicated for most people, huge vehicles all over the roads and it was rather confusing. We've rewritten it entirely to make it a lot more userfriendly and easy to use.

UI changes

We've implemented a few new features in the UI system which were required to take the job selection screen to the next level! Which means that we've got 2 new reusable UI elements at our disposal for GUIs. We've used the new element in the redesign of the Job Selection screen, which has been rewritten.

Map changes

We've created 3 new maps for the All Saints Hospital which got a new parking lot, a new entrance hall and an entire new interior

Things that get you moving!

Over 40+ new vehicle handlings have been created, featuring old vehicles like a '69 Dodge Charger RT 426 V8 Hemi to a 2015 Bugatti Veyron. Which means we've now got over 180+ different vehicles, something for everyone!

Besides that we got some other exciting news! We've been through 2 closed beta tests and have resolved quite a bit of feedback to take things up a notch. The system will be properly tested and easier to use thanks to these tests, special thanks to the team of beta testers! We've also resolved over 25 bugs in the meantime, which means we're getting closer and closer to launching. Stay tuned to get more news about the forums we're setting up, since they will play a vital part in your character's story and/or company!

For more updates such as these please make sure to join our Discord channel and keep yourself up to date with the community at all times.

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We're currently seeking for faction leaders for the following factions:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Fire Department
  • Los Santos Towing & Recovery
  • Mechanic workshop (vacant name - to be decided by applicant)


If you're interested then please make sure to read our requirements and apply on our forums.


And last but not least, Administrator applications are still open!


Fore more updates, discussions and random talks with our community feel free to join our Discord.

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2 hours ago, hilingOP said:

question:  is there going to be modde/custom vehicles from luanch.

can you confirm that because pictures dont show actual custom vehicles

If you mean server sided car mods then no but if you mean custom handlings with IRL car models then yes.

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Can honestly recommend this server, the game mode is amazing and completely made from scratch, the administration team is very helpful, the community is NOT toxic unlike others beforehand. All around this is the roleplay server you NEED to check out. You're not handed out freebies for doing nothing, you actually have to roleplay and grind to get what you want and build character development. There is also ZERO play to win. 

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