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AleksCore did a substantial conribution to MTA race mode development. He's author of such great resources as Core Markers and NFS style arrows. He's nickname even included in MTA contributors list. He deserves unban for his volunteer work on Mr. Green. Yeah, u can say "stfu slav here in EU things work differently", but man... He spent the best part of his 20s making MTA better


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I don't get the idea that you have improved after reading https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/20836-alekscore/


Note: that topic was after you last appealed your MTA ban at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/120535-cd-47-ddos/ and thus shows how you were really feeling all the while making both your global unban appeal and the topic at your victim's community.

The first part of the message from that image also contains another threat ("you don't help the server have less time-outs") that fits the illegal activity you have engaged in.


17 hours ago, trhrd said:

nickname even included in MTA contributors list.

I will see if we can get him removed from contributors list, in my opinion he forfeited everything.

Not to forget that the previous appeal where "other criminal activity" was mentioned, it was about things like extortion (AleksCore was asking for money to make the DDoS attacks stop), terrorisation to strike MrGreenGaming at critical times structurally, trying to show them he could terminate the entire community, etc. It was just very serious abuse, not "just simple" DDoS.


Since this global ban appeal was made too early (in the last appeal I said: appeal again in 2 months), I would have even more of a reason to deny it than him showing he doesn't really care or regret at all. So I personally don't think he deserves unban.

But in this case..

17 hours ago, trhrd said:

He's author of such great resources as Core Markers and NFS style arrows. He deserves unban for his volunteer work on Mr. Green.

I will leave some input (about early unban) up to the victims of his DDoS attacks, the ones who made the report to us: MrGreenGaming community. It can also help them to get the ban on 1 line (as I read somewhere that they unbanned him from their server already).

@Haxardous and @AfuSensi can take a word now, and then this appeal will be concluded with the help of their advice.

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Aleks you don't deserve an unban any time soon. You did contribute a lot to MTA and our community, but you wasted it all. I hope you get more mature in the future, but for the past couple of years you did more harm than good. 

Also in your last ban appeal: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/20836-alekscore/ You said it yourself that you don't regret anything you did. Which isn't good intentions. 

Our answer is simply a NO 

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