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Welcome to GTA Online

GTA Online is an online gaming community. Our main goal is to bring fun and entertainment to our players.


Don't speak English? No problem!
-Our server is currently translated in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Croatian and Turkish.
-And that's not all, we will keep translating the server in more languages! No matter where are you from
-or what language you speak you will enjoy playing in our server!
-Also, to make sure that you don't miss anything until we translate the server in your language
-there is a translator application in our phone system!


Bases are coloured areas on the map. They are marked with a green blip. A base can only be bought by
-the gang leader or sub-leader. To buy a base the gang must have at least five dominated territories.
-Each base has a name, its price, vehicles, weapons, and a special vehicle different for each base.
-Exceptions are KACC, which has Landmines instead of a Special Vehicle and San Fierro Bay and Stage 25
 -bases that do not have a Special Vehicle yet.


Territories are coloured areas that can be dominated for free by any gang. To dominate a territory

-enter it, and once the progress bar fills up the attack will start. The Teritorry will be dominated only if the attacking
-gang meets the requirements. Once the attack starts, a hud will appear with information about the attack.
-If a member of the attacking or deffending gang dies inside the territory while the attack is in progress the opposite gang
-will earn 100 points. Once the attack finishes the gang with more points will be able to deffend or dominate the territory.


A gang is a group of players which can be created for a certain amount of money ($200,000)

For Contact: 


Discord: Murphy#7164










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