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How to set a Ped (Interior)?


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First I apologize for my English. LOL


Come on... I am trying to create an NPC inside "interior 5". I can do that, but the NPC disappears instantly, right after the script starts.


Can anyone solve this problem that I have? I am certainly doing something wrong, but my little experience does not allow me to see what is wrong.




2nd Problem: The NPC is stopping animation and moving out of place (x, y, z) when the player punches or pushes.


I need this NPC not to get out of place (x, y, z) and keep doing the animation regardless of any situation.


😑 I believe it is something very simple that I am doing wrong and cannot understand. If anyone can help with these two problems, it will be a very important help.


ped1 = createPed(152, 321.88424682617, 1130.3310546875, 1084.52380371095)

function makePed() 
        setPedRotation(ped1, 0) 
        setPedAnimation(ped1, "STRIP", "strip_a") 
     end, 100, 1) 
addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, makePed)


GIF of what happens when starting the script: https://imgur.com/a/kledQi0


Thank you! 😄

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On 15/11/2019 at 10:35, Fabelix said:

Problem solved.

Hey, how you fixed that bro? i'm having ur same problem

  1. function prueba()
  2. local thePed = createPed(87, x, y, z, 315)
  3. setElementDimension(1)
  4. setElementInterior(17)
  5. setPedAnimation(thePed, "strip", "strip_E")
  6.  end 
  7. addCommandHandler("onResourceStart", prueba)




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