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Black Project DayZ [POLAND/EUROPE]

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Hi, I would like to invite you to the DayZ server that has been around for 4 years now, the server has been improved, among other things, in a new function that we have not offered for this four years.
[#] We have understood a bug with vehicle spawns, which makes them no longer available for purchase.
[#] Boxes with equipment have been reduced, we do not want the gameplay to get bored too soon. ;)
# 1. All known copying methods have been blocked.
# 1.1 Bugs related to repairing the vehicle, etc. have been blocked
# 1.2. All so-called "textures" have been blocked.
# 2. Improved Hitboxes
# 2.1 Hitmarkers when shooting at players or vehicles.
# 2.2 "X" when targeting a player from the group.
# 2.3. At death, he receives information about the distance from which we were killed.
# 2.4 Blip on the map during the death of a member of the group, lasting 2 minutes
# 3 Unique weapon available only in crash on the islands.
# 3.1 New weapons, matching spread, correct weapon damage.
# 3.2 Armor on military vehicles (The vehicle will not spill out after a few shots)
# 4. New Login Panel.
# 5. Author's locations (Some shown in the video below)
# 6. Above all, a carefully selected administration, because we all know how it was with it. ;)
# 7. Because we often asked a question, we added the Big Tent to the server.
# 8. Adapted handling for vehicles (the car will not fall over during the bend)
# 9. The ability to match the crosshair on the server.
# 10. GPS Channel, with channel chat and markers.
# 11. And much more, as you will see by entering the server!
-Video with the announcement of the server- 
ServerName: Black Project DayZ 
Adress IP: mtasa://    
Slots: 40
Gamemode: DayZ

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