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Verify MYSQL

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Hello, i'm trying to build a Roleplay gamemode from almost 0, I only have a MYSQL resource who exports functions

so, i have this code

mysql = exports.mysql
chat = outputChatBox
function greetPlayer (thePlayer )
	serial = getPlayerSerial(source)
	mysql:query_free("INSERT INTO serial SET seriala='" .. serial .. "'")
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), greetPlayer )

how cand I verify if the serial is already in the SQL database? so that it cannot insert multiple times the same serial.

I've been looking online, and I see people using SELECT, but it's complicated and i want an explanation, so I cand understand.

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mysql = exports.mysql
chat = outputChatBox
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin" , root , function ( ) 
local results = mysql:query_free ( "SELECT * FROM serial WHERE serial=?" , getPlayerSerial ( source ) ) ; 
if ( #results > 0 ) then 
mysql:query_free("INSERT INTO serial SET seriala='" ..getPlayerSerial(source).. "'")
end ) 


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