Skin without quality - increase quality of skin mod texture

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Good evening everyone, I have a small problem, that I can not solve it myself, so I come here to ask for this help.

I wanted to make a PNG image with a mta skin, which I have on my server, but I do not know how to make a good quality image of the skin, I tried to use mta's own screenshot and then trim it, but quality is not good at all.

Is there a way to make the image of skin with a good quality? I need to make an interface in mta.

My exemplo:

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I'll leave the advise we have already given you in Discord here in an image, so others know where to start. The advise given may also help others in similar scenarios.





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Posted (edited)

@ Dutchman101

using the method you spoke, would it be possible to make a png skin image, with an equal mta position?

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18 minutes ago, Miguxo said:

@ Dutchman101

using the method you spoke, would it be possible to make a png skin image, with an equal mta position?

I don't know what you mean exactly.. but I can guess;

You gotta make sure the skin texture fits the skin model; UV project it in 3DS Max to find out, or just try replacing the texture in TXD using the method i suggested. If the current skin texture is just a 'bit' that is symmetrical (not corresponding to specific dimensions of bodyparts), like a small cube, then you should be able to apply it on all bodyparts without issues. Although textures like that tend to be lower detail, because their edges can never seamlessly connect to the other bodyparts/skin particles, if those edges were detailed. Textures 'like that' could be a symmetrical texture with detail in the center and the edges turning out the same (to connect without surface disturbances), but also often they are just solid colors, sometimes with a little noise. They are far more common than the detailed type of textures that I will explain below;

If you're a little bit more advanced in modelling/texturing, you could also make a complete wrap for the entire model: it can have as many unique edges, blemishes and details on the skin as you want, at any location. Instead of just repeatedly rendering a smaller texture on all bodyparts equally, like in most cases, which results in missing high-quality details for the aforementioned reasons. I can tell you that this principle is the main bottleneck for modellers looking to create high-detail skins.

There's plenty of tutorials on Youtube on how to make UV wraps and projections for your textures.

If you don't understand any of them, maybe it's wise to get a little bit of general modelling experience or as I suggested earlier, asking a good modeller if you know one.

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